Youth Training Academy is a computer & vocational training center based in Uttara, Dhaka. We are conducting 35+ computer & vocational related courses. Youth Training Academy focuses effectively on their students to use computer applications because the program can be integrated with the applications so that students can understand using the application as they learn.

Job Skills : Youth Training Academy

Computer skills are a basic demand for a large variety of jobs. virtually any workplace job you apply for would require you to possess basic typing and data entry skills, also as a basic understanding of the way to use an operating system. Most job work needs job candidates to be familiar with office productivity software system also, similar to word processors and spreadsheet programs. Even nonoffice jobs will need a touch of computer training. Retail cashier positions need workers to control complicated point-of-sale (POS) kiosks. factory positions might need workers to use computers to log their hours worked or to enter production data every day.

Learning for the Job

Basic computer training provides a foundation on that staff will build new skills on the work. staff may have to learn how to use a proprietary software program for a replacement job, for instance, or find out how to use an upgraded POS system at work. Learning the way to operate software you have never worked with before are often a lot of easier if you have already got a solid foundation of computer expertise on that to create. while not that, reading new skills becomes more difficult.

Productivity : Youth Training Academy

Aside from the importance of job seekers getting computer training, little businesses will notice necessary advantages from leverage computer technology in their training programs. To be skilled in computers to facilitate training exercises could avoid the loss of productivity that typically comes with new staff learning computer systems on the work. Retail operations, as an instance, historically train new staff on POS software operation on the work, which might cause line queues to duplicate whereas customers grow aggravated. employing a simulated POS system to supply new hires with computer training during a controlled setting, on the opposite hand, will provide staff the abilities and confidence they need to serve customers effectively from their 1st day on the work.

Our Courses : Youth Training Academy

Below, we provide a list of courses available in our center. Here you should find a more detailed description of the computer training courses offered. Visit the descriptive course pages and choose a better one for your need.